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Marla Duran - From Self-Taught Designer to Season 2 Project Runway

Episode Summary

Many individuals have had the experience of uncovering new talents and skills within themselves. And once these abilities are discovered, others may notice and acknowledge them, leading to eventual success! Join Anne as she speaks with Marla Duran about a self-taught designer who made it to Season 2 of Project Runway. Embracing and sharing your talents with the world can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding path in life! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Marla:

Marla Duran is a self-taught clothing designer/ fiber artist.

Marla’s goal is for women to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes. She strives to create work that is modern, edgy, timeless, and original.

Starting in 1981, after her son was born, clothing design became her passion and livelihood.  Since then, she has sold her designs through stores such as Nordstrom and Joan Shepp.  Her designs have been shown at Atelier Designers in New York City and at craft and art shows across the country. She is also known for her appearance as a contestant on the second season of Project Runway.

Marla offers limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces. Many of the limited editions incorporate vintage and Asian-inspired elements, and many of the fabrics are custom-made – Retro Meets Contemporary.


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