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Lindy Powers - Photography and the Cleveland Indians

Episode Summary

In today's world, many people can capture impressive pictures, as we often witness on social media platforms. However, have you ever stopped to ponder how photographers manage to capture striking images of individuals engaged in sports? Join Anne as she speaks with Lindy Powers about the thrills of sports photography. Lindy also shares her experience in photographing players from the Cleveland Indians. The art of taking such photos amidst all the movement and action is fascinating and challenging! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here's what to expect on the podcast:


About Lindy:

Lindy Powers’ portraiture expertise began in the 1970s when she worked as a fashion and advertising model in the United States and Europe.

In high demand for ten years, she worked with major photographers, fashion designers, and directors, including a year of making television commercials with the renowned Federico Fellini. 

Eventually, Lindy became fascinated with the view from the other side of the lens and shifted to a career as a commercial photographer. Her experience in front of the camera has given her a unique approach to her work behind it, resulting in outstanding photographs across all client types.

Lindy Powers works with a variety of clientele, including the New York Times, GlaxoSmithKline, Women’s Wear Daily, Wedgewood Pharmacy, Aramark, Astra Zeneca, and W.L. Gore.

Lindy’s photographs in the hardcover coffee table book The Cleveland Indians: A Family Album, authored by Bill Levy and Steve Saferin, capture the behind-the-scenes personal relationships of the players, coaches, and families of the Cleveland Indians Baseball Organization. The book has been hailed for its intimate portraits and has become a baseball collectible.

Lindy works both on location and in her studio, conveniently located in Wilmington, Delaware. Currently, she serves Northern Delaware and The Greater Philadelphia Area but also has provided services across the tri-state region.


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