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Kim Curtis - A Holistic Approach to Finance

Episode Summary

There are many different approaches to financial planning worldwide, and choosing a financial plan to manage your money can be a tough decision. Join Anne as she speaks with Kim Curtis on how a holistic approach can help you take control of your money. Fulfilling your dreams and not facing any financial crunch in life is possible! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

About Kim: 

Kim Curtis is a bestselling author of Money Secrets and Retirement Secrets and a nationally recognized wealth management advisor and speaker. She is a nationally recognized wealth management advisor and President and CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute.

Kim’s groundbreaking work in developing a highly personal client-centric planning model was recognized in the Journal of Practical Estate Planning, winning the Editor’s Choice award. She has been profiled in several publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

Kim has attained numerous professional designations and has been recognized by the financial planning industry as having achieved the highest level of competence and expertise.

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