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Dr. Keith McNally - The Question Guy

Episode Summary

Many people in the world today are not having genuine and meaningful conversations, which can lead to a sense of disconnection between them. But there's a way to change this! Join Anne as she speaks with Dr. Keith McNally about creating an impactful conversation. It's all about connecting people with shared interests and goals so they can have meaningful conversations that lead to positive change! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Dr. Keith McNally:

Keith is a leadership coach specializing in facilitating discussions by bringing like-minded people together to create real impact. He launched two podcasts in the past two years: The Question Guy Podcast and Coach’s Corner. Whereas The Question Guy Podcast focuses on people’s stories of personal transformation, Coach’s Corner is a one-on-one conversation regarding his guests’ professional expertise. Now, Keith seeks to change the conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding the conversation of mental health and personal well-being. He is doing this by bringing panel members together at the table on the Envision Speakers Series.


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