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Candice Snyder - Team Mo - Out of the Darkness

Episode Summary

Understanding mental health and wellbeing has never been more critical in this increasingly fast-paced world. If you know someone struggling with despair, depression, or thoughts of suicide, you may be wondering how to help. Join Anne as she speaks with Candice Snyder about finding ways to help raise mental health awareness. Mental health is like physical health: everybody has it, and you need to take care of it! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Candice:

Candice Snyder is a market partner and team leader with Monat, the number #1 luxury hair care company in the world. It is through her direct sales business that she has not only been able to help women, and men, feel more confident and introduce them to healthier products and lifestyles, but has found her purpose through community and giving back.

It was during her time as one of Monat’s Gratitude Ambassadors, representing the company in outreach and give-back efforts, that she decided to launch the Passion Purpose and Possibilities podcast, where she and her guests discuss stories of transition and transformation, the causes they care most deeply about and of course, passion, purpose, and possibility.


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